NPC + item(CM/vault) + decoration(in/out)vanished from house

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Postby delabibi » Jul 26, 2020 00:14

at my surprise i logged in and everything was gone in my house, exept banners, roofs, porsh.
all NPC's are gone, and all the item inside CM/vault gone too, plus all decoration (inside/outside)
at loggin its precise that my house is saved for 500 weeks, so the money is still inside the CM.

The previous time i logged before today was two weeks ago and everything was in place. something weird must have occured during this laps of time but i cant figure what it is. im very confuse right now, can you help me?
house number 3224 / hib player : badbibi

thanks for your reading.

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Postby Malinus » Jul 26, 2020 00:23

I'm BIBI's neighbor, and I usually use his Teleporter Druim Ligen ...
We had the reboot on Monday, I was in the game before / after, I didn't use his NPC, I can't say if after the reboot everything was already gone. But after the crash server, I am convinced that everything was gone.

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Postby Abydos » Jul 26, 2020 03:57

Looking into this. Will PM you when I know more.

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