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Postby Kamarius » Dec 07, 2019 21:33

Hi Uthgard-Team,

i want to login with my email, there is no possibility to use the password recovery.
When i enter my email, i get message to create a new account!?

Please help.

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Postby Blue » Dec 08, 2019 02:50

Please send me a PM with your login email.
It's done when it's done. Thanks for your patience.
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Postby Ishamhael » Jan 02, 2020 13:06


i have the same problem.

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Postby De_Kus » Jan 06, 2020 19:57

Same issue... all attempts to Sign in result in a screen to create a new account which tells me it already exists... smart guy, huh?
De Kus
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Postby Satiah » Jan 10, 2020 11:45

Same issue.
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