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Postby Nezix » Mar 28, 2016 03:10

So you want to find a group and you don't know what to do without a global /LFG channel? Fear not for this guide will help you!

Before we get started the best advice I can give you is to make friends, join a guild and be a part of an active alliance. Being in an alliance will allow you to chat with many more guilds and will help coordinate exp groups, RvR, relic defense and so much more. DAoC is meant to be a social game so make the most of it.

This guide will use the Atlantis skin, but using a Custom UI will result in almost no differences except some layout changes.

Step 1: Opening the LFG Tool
Open your group panel (default 'O') and find the Set LFG button. If you use a Custom UI, your button should still be in the group panel, but it may be located in a different spot.

You will see a dialog like this:

Step 2: Searching for other players and making yourself searchable
Most of the filtering here is fairly intuitive. What filters you set are what you are looking FOR in other players. The only part that other players will see is what you set as your Objective and your Duration. Here are some tips:

a) Battlegroup does nothing and can be ignored.
b) If you don't check "Looking for Players" you won't be able to search for other players nor will they be able to find you.
c) Objective and Duration won't exclude you or other players it just acts as additional information.
d) Clicking on a Class Selection button will ADD all those classes to your filter on top of whatever classes you previous had selected.
e) You can change level by 5 instead of 1 by shift-left clicking the arrows.

If for example you need a tank for your exp group, and your group is level 20-25, you might do this:

Step 3: The results
When you hit Submit button you will set your LFG settings and make a search for other players.
If there are any players that match your filters, a dialog box will open like this:


From here you can click a player and then click the Contact button. Doing this will replace anything you had in your command line with /send NameOfPlayer

If you wish to search again without changing any filters you just have to type: /lfg

That's it! Here are some FAQs:

Again, another good answer to many of these questions is: Join an active alliance!

Q: What if I have a bunch of different characters and I don't care which one I find a group with?
A: In this case your best bet would be to set a wide level range, include all classes, and then send messages to players that you find in that level range that are grouped or solo, explaining what class you have around their level.

Q: What if I'm RvRing but I really want to keep my eyes open for a dragon raid?
A: Just include all levels (see next Q) and look for players that have an objective of Epic Raid.

Q: What if I'm on a low level alt and I want to keep my eyes open for a dragon raid?
A: This isn't uncommon, so set your objective to Epic Raid so other players know you probably have a 50, set the full level range and check with /lfg often.

Q: How come there are options like Master Level and classes that can't be played on Uthgard?
A: Unfortunately this is written into the client and isn't easy to fix so it's a low priority.

Q: How come when I click (Class Filter Button) it selects (Class) which doesn't make sense?
A: Same answer as above.
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Postby Roxxor » Dec 22, 2016 15:45

Awesome Guide, thanks!
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Postby DonnyDAOC » Feb 28, 2017 18:44

this guide is real good! thanks for posting! :grin:

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