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Der_Eisbaer wrote:This being said there is no reason to not hat 49 nurture for +24% energy resis as this will clearly help your grp a lot.

For the points I disagree that it'll "clearly help your group a lot".

If resists do effect durations (I'm not convinced until someone does some hard testing on it here on Uthgard 2.0), then it's such a damn small amount of % off a root or mezz that those points are likely better spent somewhere else to round out your Warden IMO.

Is 49 points for 1 or 2 second (MAYBE if even that much) off a root or mez worth 49 spec points? Or would those points be better spent in Parry for defense or Regrow for less heal variance...? I think I know the answer to this. This isn't ToA where you spam Master Level styles on a Warden either, so those points might even be better spent on going higher weapon spec.
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