temp arboreal path

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Postby Lilayn » Feb 26, 2017 18:32

So guys,

its really hard to temp a vw without losing too much.

I toke a look at Feuilles expensive temp ( the last one )


So the question is , why cap arboreal path +11 and dont cap quickness ?

Its easy to change arb with quickness in that temp and arb only affects the variance of the nuke spell ?

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Postby Ghast_Bors » Feb 26, 2017 22:57

Less quick = higher burst damage on scythe?

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Postby Feuille » Feb 27, 2017 20:35

The SC was made for a 34 arbo spec +11+5 (6L+) = 50.
You must have 50+ in arb (to reduce the variance, more you've low it's) so yes, if you want you can decrease arb spec and increase quick if you'r 38+ in arb.

But it's not all, I like low quick spec for spike dmg.

I made some very extensive tests and figured I made 14% to 18% more dmg with druid buffs + low quick temp + medium 4.5/ slow 5.5 speed scythe VS the same with quickness. The gap is reduced somewhere after 30 sec and the lines cross each othets in favor of quickness temp after 40 sec, less with a slow scythe.

In conclusion, Quickness nerf your style dmg and reduce it, but in the end it increase it in long long fight.

So you basically have to figure 2 choices :
A- low quick, less evade, more dmg in short time, less dmg in long time fight, if you miss your hit you'r screwed
B- max quick, more evade, less dmg in short time, more dmg in long time, if you miss it's not a problem

To my mine :
A = in group RVR on stuned target to kill someone fast
B = in solo RVR / in raid PVE

Nota : There is rhe same debate with hero spear / armsman polearm.

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