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Postby Huscealz » Jan 22, 2017 16:32


I'm a new Ranger, and have the idea to share my spot, tips, and more for all the future new ranger on this server.
Sorry for my English, try to do my best!

The idea is to share between us, the best way to level 50! I play a Bow Ranger, no autotrain.

Level 1-5: Starting Zone, do task and kill blue. Can be done in 1h30.

Level 5-8: Task in Ardee, and try to hunt some blue monster around this city. Easy way.

Level 8-10: South of Mag Mell, the threes (Blackthorn) with spraggon (Lumantishe) are very good. You can chain them, low hp pool. When they come at 3, kill 1, and run. Very easy with slash arrows.

Level 10-12: Badger north of Tir Na mBeo, lot of them, yellow/blue conc and great with slash arrows. I don't find a better spot at this level range. The cash loot of Badger is great if you want to level up a little bit your fletching skill! :)

Level 12-14: Curmudgeon trapper, West of partha farm. They cast a root sometimes, easy with slash arrow. Little camp of 2 Curmu, but easy camp.
Clubmoss sheeries, near the north frontier with Lough Derg and Valley of Bri Leith, some are alone, cast a root spell too, slash sensitive, and very low hp. Easy to chain, with good slash arrow. You can do 2 by 2 too, finish the second with blade. You can play easily with the height in Valley of Bri Leith!

Level 14-16: Sheevra miner/archer in Silvermine Mt. In location of the epic quest lvl 15 ranger, sheevra are very easy to kill with slash arrow. They are in a hole, and you are on the mountain... So much easy to kill. Nice spawn. To find them, go to Howth, bind here, and go full Est. The camp is near the border of Silvermine Mt. when you see rocks with a pickaxe, its here. Enjoy!

Level 16-17: I'm looking around parthan's farm to find a good camp, but curmu poacher seem's to be a good option.

Level 17-21: First start with Dew sheeries. Yellow/orange, but very easy to kill. You can chain it, they try to cast and stop to move. You find them in a pond in south of partha farm. When Dew sheeries are too easy, you can easily chain on the same camp the Mist sheeries. Use mountain to have a nice and easy advantage on them. Easy to kill through the pond!

Feel free to share your tips, I'll edit and add the list!

Husceal, Ranger

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Postby Evinac » Jan 23, 2017 20:26

Why not just continue tasking to 20? Get some decent silver and there's going to be plenty of time to grind once tasks run out...
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Postby kilmarnock_rha » Sep 14, 2020 11:15

Huscealz wrote:Feel free to share your tips, I'll edit and add the list!

Husceal, Ranger

1. I allways try to NOT kill faction-mobs like Sheerie's, Sheevra's, Emphyrean's... Just in case i need em for Quests or i need to camp special-items for a LvL50+ Temp. Except Curmudgeons...i dont care for their faction and i kill them as often i can.

2. ...so my 2cents for some Exp-Spots:

LvL 19 - 21
parthanan Farm's ... more then 1 farms on diff. maps

Lvl 21-24
FZ: Irewood Saplings (slash), outside DC down the left hill, or DL bit down the road right hill

FZ: gray specter ... outside DL bit down the road left side across the Irewood Saglings, very weak but fast
FZ: ants ... outside DL close to gray specter ... more HPs but slow
FZ: sett youngling ... outside DL close to gray specter and random around ... fast
and a lot more yel/blue mobs just outside DL right hill's

LvL 25-30
Dungeon: Spraggon Den

LvL 27-38
Dungeon: Koalinth

LvL 26-29
Darkness Falls: plated(ora/yel/blue, blunt) and necyomancer(blue/green)

LVL 30-33
Darkness Falls: lilispawn(ora/yel, blunt) and plated(yel/blue/green, blunt)
FZ: Irewoods just outside DC, right hills, (ora/yel, slash) and/or middle of Dagda+Scath

Level 31 - 33
FZ: Gorge rats / Squabblers(XP-Loot)

Level 34 - 37
FZ: Gruachan Imps(XP-Loot) / phookas / faeghouls(close Lamfhota = Keep-Bonus, slash) / Graugach(XP-Loot, slash)

Level 35 - 36
FZ: Curmudgeon Wanter(slash), Juvenile Megafelid(slash)
BG: termite (ora/yel, blunt)
( -> btw BG is allways an option after LvL20+ )

Level 37 - 38
FZ: Greenbarks, Torcs, Gruachan Imps, Graugach,... -> every Mob close around Ailinne = pos. Keep-Bonus (ora/yel/blue)

I look forward for many more (High-LvL-)suggestions, espacially in FZ or BG for Bonus-Exp! :)
...for Hibernia! :-D

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