Alb Stealthers and See Hidden

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Postby Shakes » Feb 28, 2018 23:48

I recently specced my 50 elf NS into See Hidden. I can definitely see where its helping but twice now I have come accross Alb stealthers who stealth and I cannot see even right next to them. In one case there were 2, and one I could see and the other was right next to them and I could not.

What could be causing this? Thoughts?

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Postby Lazyghost » Mar 01, 2018 10:54

See Hidden online works Vs Archers and MIncers.

and then only if they do not have Camo up.

So if it was 2 scouts one may have had camo up andone may have had camo down IE you could see one of them.

I had it a for a week or so but tbh i did not feel like it was really worth it. the odd person i did see from range I felt likei would have seen anyway with out See hidden.

I originally took it to help finding Mincers after they sos away and stealth. But just felt 8 points are better spent elsewhere. as 8 points spent to give you a heads up vs 3 classes in the hole gameand only really 1/3rd of them every time seems like a waste.

if the Distance you could ee them was larger it maybe wroth more but as it sits atm the benifit vs what you would have just dont merit the RA.

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Postby Cirath » Mar 03, 2018 08:38

With the recent uptick in scout numbers along with the popularity of minstrels, see hidden is more useful than it used to be. It certainly helps avoid the 3-5 man stealth crews albs like to run :roll:

But, 8 pts IS a lot of points...

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Postby Equade » May 16, 2018 13:40

The way I see it is that, besides Cirath's comment on being able to maneouvre around groups, it helps me collect RP's. However small amount that may actually wind up being, it's still a boost - I have found hunters, scouts and minstrels and collected their RP's because of it.

I will consider dropping it around rr5 when there's enough points for purge, viper, ap1 and mop1
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