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Postby Glacier » Dec 29, 2017 01:11

Hello all- I've been using my Uthgard time to roll all the classes I didn't play on live.

My current project is a 45/RR2L5/ELF nightshade that is leveling using Pierce/CD/Envenom. I'm auto training until 48 and looking for some spec/RA info.

1. Is CS line damage determined by wpn spec (pierce for me)?
2. Is CS above 21 for PA needed?
3. Is 39 wpn/stealth/envenom, 21 CS and the remaining in CD (38) viable for a low RR NS?
4. At low RR it looks like detect hidden then purge are the 1st RAs to shoot for.

thank you

Gryphon Knight
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Postby Cirath » Dec 29, 2017 07:09

1. CS damage is determined by CS spec, and the styles are vastly superior to any base weapon line. Most NS take advantage of this and use the wyrd spec (composite 51 weapon) and go high CS. What is high? I wouldn't recommend any lower than 44CS.

2. See above. Under no circumstances should you go lower than 34 cs and miss out on creeping death.

3. I would go 44 CS, 37 stealth/env, 38 Pierce, rest CD. RR3 is easy enough to achieve quickly. This spec gives you all your main tools. The only non CS styles you should be using are diamondback and ice storm for melee stuns. I think you would be horribly disappointed in the CD spec.

4. Longwind 1 first, then purge. After that you have a lot of options. See hidden is ok, but not necessary. Very few archers here. There are better uses for your pts at low RR.

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Postby Glacier » Dec 29, 2017 21:59

thanks Cirath

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