Poison/Weapon Switching?

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Postby zHarvest » Apr 05, 2017 03:13

Hi guys, I really like Assassins Class, but something that I always hated about them in DAoC was the Weapon-Swapping thing for applying more Poisons.

In that Patch is still something that you need/able to do?

Can you avoid doing it?

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Postby Grignr » Apr 05, 2017 12:55

Uth 2.0 is aimed at patch level 1.65 so expect things to be harder not easier than you remember :)

I'm still levelling but I tend to have DOT on my mainhand and STR debuff on my left, I might swap those to str/con on main and dot on left once I have high enough env. Then in my 2h slot I have another weapon with either +DOT if I need to apply a bit more damage in PVE after the first has run out, or +disease in RVR. I swap between mainhand and 2h using the qbar but I might consider using a bind when I hit 50 and real RvR.

I believe you can pre posion additonal weapons in your inventory and swap them mid fight if required, but again I'm not high enough to say if thats useful.

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Postby Vociridu » Apr 05, 2017 19:19

Yes you can pre-poison weapons and swap them from your inventory. I highly recommend learning this skill as it opens up many more options for different scenarios.

Is it avoidable? Yes, you could just use your MH/OH and switch to your back weapon, but that's only 3 different poisons. If I remember there are a total of 6 different poisons this patch (I could be off by 1 or 2). And if one or more of those vital poisons are resisted then you need to have the ability to equip a different weapon to re-apply that poison.
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