To put +11 Envenom in Temp or not...

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Postby Sivle » Mar 13, 2017 20:35

The last time I was playing my Shade on live, everybody used to put +11 Envenom in his temp to get rid of the dot variance.

This variance could add up to approx 120-150 Damage over the course of one dot. People did those temps when they had Viper3 (later Viper5), 10% Spell Pierce and some Magic Damage.

Now, wo do not have spell pierce or magic damage, but we still have Viper and we have the chance to get some nasty crits on dots (and crits on viper dots...). Classic Viper + Lifebane should roughly do the same damage as Viper3+Spell Pierce vs 36% resist on live. Means approx 120-250 Dam lost du to variance over 6 ticks. If the viper dots crits this would be even more.

Now I am thinking of dropping 3 resists down to 16-22% and instead having +11 envenom in my temp. Additional benefit: two more slots for potions in my inventory.

What do you think?
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Postby Vampien » Mar 14, 2017 11:57

Care to share what you have so far? Having a tough time putting together anything with +11 envenom. I would say if you run viper
+11 envenom would be a very nice boost and worth sacrificing a few resists for....

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Postby Frosty » Mar 14, 2017 15:36

I always just swapped out a few cheap crafted armor gloves/boots with spellcrafted envenom on them to apply poisons, but if you don't want to do that it will be a much more expensive template.

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Postby Sivle » Mar 14, 2017 17:55

@vampien: Not before I finished buying everything I need.

@frosty: I do not mind swapping. But if you don't have 50 envenom your dot will have a varience. And this lost damage compared with real 50 envenom adds up. Especially with viper and crit dots.
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Postby casacerian » Mar 22, 2017 15:12

Put the +11 in your template and drop the 3 resists you mentioned down. Capped magic resists are not nearly as important as 11 envenom. You should be swapping a lifebane every swing, and that is a lot of damage lost.

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Postby Evinac » Mar 24, 2017 18:00

Imo just go with +11 env in temp, reasons:

- starting out rr2+ is tough and u want all the dmg u can get
- any stealther temp created right now is temporary until SI is released
- inventory space - pots, poisons, extra weapons
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