Severing the Tether and why you should get it at 5L8

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Postby Bizy » May 04, 2017 16:52

Hey Mentalists,

I have been using Severing the Tether (STT) for a few weeks now, from 5L8 to 6L2, and I can't recommend it enough now that I see how powerful it is.

If you wait to get it at 5L8 you can focus on damage RA's and get a solid base before splurging on this somewhat situational RA. at 5L8 you can have the following:

Longwind 1, Acuity 3, MOTA 3, MOM2, WP2, MCL2 and Severing the Tether

Many will say that you should have Purge instead of something like STT but I have found that with a pet, you would only need purge for nearsight and the occasional stun, which I feel is not worth it on a 30 minute timer with 2 group purges available. Regardless....

Some information on Severing the Tether:

1. It's on a 15 minute timer, so it is almost always up and can be used in almost every fight
2. It has 1500 range, 1000 unit wide GT AOE, so when you drop it in the middle of a fight, it will clear pets from your side and turn pets on their side because of the massive AOE range
3. It's an instant cast, so you can use it while you have pets/people on you already, or while you are assist nuking
4. It does not seem to have a maximum number of pets that it can turn on a single cast, so casting it in a zerg causes absolute mayhem
5. When a pet is turned on it's owner, it remains turned for what seems like 1 full minute, which is a very long time
6. It completely locks down Thurg, Cabalist and Sorcs as they always have pets up, they usually just turn and run in circles
7. It kills Bonedancer grey pets and turns the blue Commander against the owner
8. It sends Hunter pets back at their stealthed owner and will pop their stealth
9. It does nothing against Necro pets (booo!)

The best way to use STT from what I can tell is to set up a whole bar for it. Set the STT ability to a comfortable button, then set 9 /groundset macros for different ranges (100, 200, 300, 500, 700 - all the way to 1500). This allows you to quickly choose the best ground target directly in front of you to hit the pets that you want to clear. You then hit a few of the groundset buttons until you find a good spot to drop it then hit the STT button, it's as easy as that and works very well.

STT has been one of the most impactful RA's for my group when it comes to fighting Alb groups and the occasional Mid group that runs a BD and I hope that more Ments will think about getting it at 5L8.

I hope this information was useful! If you guys have any other cool uses for STT or can clarify any more nuances about what it does and who it effects let me know! I wrote the above based on my experiences in the last few weeks but there may be some corrections to the above as more people start using it.


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Postby munchies » May 25, 2017 11:37

Tether is very nice, won't even argue at this. I took it once at the start of the server (when owners couldn't attack the pets/clean them), then dropped it, and took it again at 5L0. Tether is so nice, that i dropped Acu3 and MOTA2 for it. There have been fights, where it wins the whole fight agains albs. My favourite was using it agains alb zerg and seeing like 10+ cabby/sorc pets turning and ~20 theu pets. I have at the moment purge aswell - but totally understand your view about it. I do solo sometimes aswell, and then it's a must have. At the moment 5L1 and lw1, purge, acu2, mom2, wp2, tether, mcl. At 5L2 will go for Mom3/Wp3. I will go for castspeed probably at higher RR, since the change from Mota2 is very marginal and i prefer damage/active RA's over it at lower RR. Probably going for MoTa around 6L+ but then its question - MoTA or MOC... Decisions :)

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Postby Tienef » Jun 07, 2017 11:33

Thanks for your feedback Bizy! :)

Could you confirm :

1/ it doesn't kill theu pets but turn them against theu

2/ caba/sm/bd pet will turn against owner, but can they simply release it and cast a new one ? (which would be already nice for the time/mana they'd waist, but not as nice as a full minute unreleasable aggro pet)

3/ it's not worth against minstrels pet since their pulse will charm pet at next tic

4/ Were you using all ranges ? (100, 200, 300, 500, 700, 1500)
To me, 100, 500, 1500 seems to be enough since spell radius is huge


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Postby Makish » Jun 07, 2017 11:58

1) yes
2) caba can cycle it, cant just release
3) no it wont
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Postby Der_Eisbaer » Nov 21, 2017 20:18

Makish wrote:3) no it wont

Just so I understand it right: STT does turn a Minstrel's pet against its owner and there is nothing that can be done about it?

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Postby pweet » Nov 21, 2017 22:22

Well if severing the tether was live like it would be much more power full.

Theus should not be able to release their pets
Cabas should not be able to recycle their pet.

But the other realms can be happy, since there are close to no devs working on Uthgard at the moment anyway :cry:

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Postby guirssane » Nov 21, 2017 23:40

pweet wrote:Well if severing the tether was live like it would be much more power full.

Theus should not be able to release their pets
Cabas should not be able to recycle their pet.

But the other realms can be happy, since there are close to no devs working on Uthgard at the moment anyway :cry:

Hib gets no love :(

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