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Postby Glacier » Jan 07, 2019 11:13

First true melee class is it better to go offensive or defensive on procs? I think a mix of ablatives/+AF and some DD however not sure if the DD is grp friendly since they will break root.

Any suggestions?


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Postby Aelred » Jan 07, 2019 22:35

For Hero, I would recommend going full ablative procs on your armour, and keep a separate item to swap out (like a crafted cloak) with an AF charge when needed. It is also very useful for a Hero to have a Haste charge on a swappable item.

For weapons, you should put DD procs on your shield, one handers, and two handers, while putting a DD charge on your short bow. Putting a DD proc on your armour is very group-unfriendly, but if you put them on your weapons they will only go off when you are already choosing to do damage, giving you full control over it.

And just for clarity's sake, these are the specific names of the tinctures you want.

Ablative Proc = Reactive Ablative Arcanium Armor Tincture
DD Proc = Volatile *dmg type* Arcanium Weapon Tincture
DD Charge = Stable *dmg type* Arcanium Tincture
Haste Charge = Stable Celeric Arcanium Tincture
AF Charge = Stable Hardening Arcanium Tincture

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