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Postby Duff » Feb 06, 2017 13:55

I'm currently only level 7 but I'm having a very hard time keeping my gear reasonable. I'd appreciate any tips for gearing up a new tank that don't involve just making a caster alt (I may end up having to do that anyway if I stick with it). Maybe there are some mobs that drop reasonable armor, or some good quests to do or something. I basically seem to make enough money to upgrade my weapon (or I would, if I could get a WC to craft one for me), but that's pretty much it.

Obviously having guild/friend support is great, but I'm trying to see if there is something I can do on my own. Also, if there are any higher level heroes that are upgraded who want to sell their old hand-me-down weapons and armor to someone like me rather than an NPC merchant that could help a lot as well.

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Postby pond » Feb 06, 2017 23:57

Hi Duff!

It's a tough road. I had to vendor reinforced around level 10 in order to stay alive. I recommend camping Dergan Furies (in Lough Derg in the forest east of MM, also on the island) once you hit level 14 or 15 to get some okay yellow scale.

Also, look me up in-game (Pond) and I might be able to pass on some old pieces when I outlevel them.

I'm also looking to see what other people say -- does anyone know where level 20 or 25 scale drops in Hib? Vendor purchases are not viable unless you've got a farm toon.

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Postby Rynzer » Feb 07, 2017 00:24

There's a ton of scale drops in Koalinth, but you'll need a group to get them at an appropriate level.

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Postby Duff » Feb 07, 2017 05:30

I doubt it helps people much, but I basically killed water beetles near MM from level 7 to 8 and they seemed to drop loot that sold for a fair amount of coin at that level, or at least enough for me to upgrade my weapon. Shield and armor are still a problem, but I probably have enough leftover coin to upgrade one thing. I'm hoping to group at the tomb but I'm kind of a worthless tank with all grey armor.

edit: Also thanks for the offer Pond, I'll probably take you up on it soon. I'm still experimenting with the game to see if it 'sticks' again like it used to, but so far so good! I just wish I had the kind of free time I used to! (well not really, since I love my family and everything.. but they sure do cut in on my gaming time :-P ).

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Postby Duff » Feb 08, 2017 18:13

Got a few reinforced drops and a few lower level items from lunantishees south of MM. Drop rate seems very low but it may be possible to gear up for poor level 7-10ish heroes.

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Postby Evinac » Feb 08, 2017 19:13

5-10 is totally random, can't really count on any sort of reliable drops. At 10 head to muire tomb, decent quality scale/rf drops there. Can stay there till 17-18. Koalinth Caverns after that at 17-18 - good items all around drop there. Then Spraggon Den, then Treibh Calite, then Coruscating Mine...

Dungeons are the the more reliable source of equipment prior to 40+ when you can start trying to go to Sheeroe Hills. That being said, I'm not sure ne1 wants to sit in a dungeon for 30 lvls, so may have to get some green hibernian air and kill stuff just for xp and coin <gasp>.
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Postby Nohup » Feb 12, 2017 04:28

Some things that helped me...

Dergan Island mobs (Dergan Furies) drop some very decent scale around level 15. They are solo'able at about 16, perfect for when you're trying to replace your reinforced with scale.

The rock-sprites in the Spraggon Den are great, but yeah, you'll need a group to take them down.

Consignment Merchants are better than vendor junk most of the time, if you can afford to wait a while to find good stuff.

WeaponCrafters grind on shields. Ask in /b in TNN for anyone leveling to get a good shield.

For the very early game, you can level up armorcrafting yourself for less than a gold. At least you'll have yellow reinforced in the slots where the drops weren't cooperating.

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