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Postby SpaceTouareg » Jan 08, 2018 13:42

Before all, HAPPY NEW YEAR

I wanna try to touch some magic in with eldricht
I just wanna know if the split spec 35 (sun) 41 (moon)
another point is Void Magic..Does it fixed yet (bolt)?

Thanks you for u r attention

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Postby Eithne » Feb 26, 2018 18:23

Void works just fine, you just have to know when to use the bolts and when not to. Most people think its broken because they don't know when the mechanics work and when they "dont". You cant use them while marked in combat, so bolts are openers only unless the target is stunned/slammed, otherwise they will not hit the target. That being said, use them properly and even people in mp templates can drop in 2 hits depending on ras and power relics. My bolts have hit for a max of 995 baseline dmg with 650 crit with 3 power relics and ras. The trade off for void is you need be have 28 light for utility and nobody will want you in pve unless you use your red body debuff and yellow energy debuffs for your arbo ani and bomber friends.

Play smart, void is the most amazing and fun caster spec ever.
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