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Postby Kvappe » Sep 10, 2017 02:34

So how would you start out using your realm points? :D

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Postby Juri » Sep 10, 2017 03:38

Purge first! Then mana actives if you find yourself out of mana often (MCL, RP), otherwise go for cast speed abilities (ACU3+MOTA2 I would say). Passives to raise your damage later on in your realm rank.

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Postby Rhil » Sep 10, 2017 11:24

mcl1 is a mana boost every 5min for only 3 pts, so get it asap, ideally already for levelling. RP (incl. the pre-requisite MCL2) is stupidly expensive, i would at max get mcl2 alone.

mcl1, dex1, acuity2, ser1, acuity3, mota1&2, (mcl2 if ure not using pom/power pots)

then think of WP and MoM to increase dmg, and if u use ur debuffs a lot WA1 isnt bad either.

i wouldnt spend all those spec points on purge at RR2. it's imo 1)cast speed and 2)mana. Then at >RR3 you can 3) get more dmg/debuff crits/ even more cast speed.
And THEN think if u wanna trade in half of the stuff that u have for a purge that is a once-in-30min-thing, and if the answear is yes then get a stone and respec for purge.
I personally wouldn't consider purge at all before RR4L5 or sth but that s me.

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