Hybrid spec mana/void Eld? And question about resistances

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Postby barto22 » Mar 27, 2017 10:21

Geff wrote:Where does it say "intended to hit targets that are not in combat"? It does not say that in the in-game spell description. Not sure where you guys are getting this from as it's the first time I've heard this. I think something like not usable in combat would be important enough to show in the in-game description. Bolts work on mobs that are actively engaged in combat. I haven't tested it in RvR thoroughly.

If you read the patch notes posted above it's literally the second sentence.

No idea why it doesn't say it on the tooltip. It will, however, give you a message as to why your bolt missed.
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Postby Pinot » Mar 27, 2017 14:07

The only thing the spell description says on bolts is that they have a chance to be blocked.

I too have noticed that once engaged that bolts do not hit, but this also seems to be within either a set period of time after engagement, and/or after a certain amount of damage is done, and/or possibly after another player has engaged the mob.

For example, I generally pull on my Eld with two bolts (Spec and Non-Spec), and I have seen misses (assumed blocked), but more often than not, both will land consecutively no matter which one I cast first, then both are on cool down for a longer period of time than the mob is alive (keep in mind, my Eld here is not yet 20, so this likely changes later on). I have also (on the odd occasion) seen the message that you are describing (a couple of times when someone else pulled the target I bolted at relatively the same time with a spell that hit immediately, and/or in groups where mob was already damaged considerably).

I cannot recall if what I described above is how it worked originally, but the frequency as to when something like this would happen seems low, since the refresh on bolt spells is generally longer than any mob/player would live once engaged. Rule of thumb until more investigation goes on perhaps one should be to always lead with bolts then finish up with other spells.
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