Lvl 40 respec and endgame spec question

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Postby dubs » Mar 01, 2017 23:05

Hello there, my main is a lvl 40 mana eld and I'm hesitant to hit 41 cause I don't know what my endgame spec should be. Leveling 40-50 as light sounds painful, so I guess the question is how much mana do I need to get ultimately? After using the char builder it seems like I can either go 50 mana for red dd/snare and str/con debuff with a green nearsight, or keep yellow dd/snare and str/con debuff and get a blue nearsight. I was also looking at 39 mana 37 light to get yellow everything pretty much, but I don't know if that would be weak overall. What do you guys recommend? Is the blue nearsight worth it over missing out on the other spells?

Also what are good RAs to get at this patch? I have MCL1 just to help with pve, but what should I be looking to get next? Thanks in advance!
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Postby Rhil » Mar 02, 2017 02:08

^^ At least two posts in the eld forum are about just that question, how to spec eld for 40+ and rvr. U shuld read it up (the long threads :D ). I personally vote for 39/37 as long as the dragon is a no-show. But there is strong support for the 50 mana version too.
mcl1 is nice but i'd aim for mcl2 asap, +acuity and cast speed

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