Will the old stroboscopic flickering PBAE be back?

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Postby Gerbald » Apr 22, 2016 20:13

I remember the very old stroboscopic flickering PBAE that the Eldritch had with very early patches. Was even flickering around the caster if he was interupted and running.
Sadly it was removed with a later patch. Don't know which patch. Anyone remember that?

Can for example be seen in this old video of a Hib PBAE group running with a Lurikeen Enchanter and an Elf Eldritch:

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Postby Teholdsedare » Jul 05, 2016 17:27

Enchanters had the growing ball of doom, elds had the intermittent ball of doom. I liked the elds more :p

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Postby GreenP » Jul 08, 2016 14:29

Should open a bugreport for this!
It still existed with patch 1.65 and i´m sure it did something to the enemies (if they didnt set /effects none or self !)
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Postby silenced » Jul 08, 2016 14:43

Pretty sure with 1.65 the void bolt effect was the same old, BLINDING one, all black/blue/violet/whoknowswhatelse ... I liked it.
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Postby sklemm5 » Jan 11, 2017 09:49

i want this effect too! :hammer:

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