How 'viable' are Nature druids

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Postby Sadra » Mar 29, 2017 23:44

Getting at LEAST the level 20 stun pet brings A LOT to RvR. People don't seem to understand how great that is to throw on a healer or a cleric, and now they are interrupted till they can kill the thing, or their group can kill the thing. Or that support now has to focus the pet instead of casting on your team. I was a nature druid on live on Igraine, and I'm going nature here, too. I think when people talk about nature not being viable, I have to wonder if they played a nature druid or even played WITH one.

I mean, they aren't MENT mentalists or verdant animists ;)
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Postby Rovana » May 12, 2017 02:43

31 reg, 25 nurt, 36 nature. 2nd druid goes 40 nurt, 30 reg, 20 nature and casters run acuity charges. Those pets are so important you don't want them to be 1-2 swung.


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