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Postby Corstaad » Mar 01, 2014 20:27

This spec is a generic log in find any group. Yes the old school pugs. 31 Mend 39 Nurture 20 Nature. Gives me a spread heal and 75% instant single heal, pvp healer. 39 Nurture gives me all practical spec buffs without being a buffbot only limiting factor is 40 spec haste which is only a 2% increase but would mean lower nature. 20 Nature gives me warm a fuzzy I'm not just a spreadhealer spammer/buffbot. The pet is at a the very least a tougher nugget, pve/kinda pvp dmg boost for small man, some crowd control. Its what I always wish a shaman was. This seems like a well rounded actual druid spec outside of perfect 8mans.

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Postby Nef Melody » Apr 11, 2014 14:24

40/30/20 used to be one of the standard 8v8 specs, trading 2% haste for 20% extra hp every 15 minutes aint worth it IMO. But it's still a solid spec.
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