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Postby Cartesii » Oct 21, 2018 15:44


i will be new to hib soon and never played a champion before.

Should i spec into high valor+ shield or maybe valor+ a bit more 1hand and rest shield?:)

Or (if i do not get xp groups) maybe only valor and 2hand?



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Postby morry1000 » Oct 22, 2018 21:45

I have a lil lv 16 luri champ parked in Muire :)

I would say shield spec for lvling tbh - large weapon is a total endo hog :D

Plus the less damage you take the less downtime etc.

Can always respec out later on at 40 or whatever - as you move towards your final spec.

As for final spec, you really need to pick one - either 50 valor / 50 LW or go 1h / shield - I have tried to think of hybrid specs before but you spread your pts too thinly for it to work really (imho).

GL with your champ.

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