BM spec for 8v8?

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Postby slowpoke68 » Feb 18, 2017 16:53

After reading the forums, I was planning on going 50 cd 39 blades and 42 shield. Some people in guild asked me if I should consider going 50 blades and 50 cd, due to a lot of zerkers doing that. And also should always have a hero or two in group as well who would be doing a lot of slamming. Wondering what the experts thought about this.

Also, I understand slash is preferable now because of no SI weapons, but was wondering what people thought about pierce, due to so many healers wearing chain?

Sorry to be a pain with all the questions, but trying to play the best that I can.


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Postby vangonaj » Feb 19, 2017 00:46

Slam is something that zerkers dont have, and its your advantage.

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Postby Puz » Feb 21, 2017 11:02

As can be read in some other threads. Going higher than composite 51 blades is only needed if you want to use the blades styles. If you will only have Celtic Duel skills on your bar, then you don't need higher than say 36 spec + 11 template + 4 RR to cap out your damage.

The shield is really nice to have. I'd say at least one offensive melee needs it in a group. And a defensive one as well. So stick to the you where planning.
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Postby slowpoke68 » Feb 23, 2017 23:52

Thanks guys. It did seem like the 42 shield was the way to go. Appreciate the feedback.

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