Couple questions

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Postby Midbd » Jan 15, 2017 22:43

In this version of the game , strength affects weapon damage for bard? Do bards even have trainable weapons skills? what level is the slash and crush anytime style? Does charisma affect insta DD damage and healing and powerpool? do bards still have 2 DD's and what line are they in?

And ra's, I guess we don't have moc or sos, I know we get AM and it heals us too, do we also have IP?

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Postby Genedril » Jan 16, 2017 02:06

Bards can train blades and blunt which are 100% Strength.

Charisma is the bards casting stat and as such it effects power pool and shout damage. There was some argument over whether empathy effected healing but I think that was settled long ago to be a negative (the only pro for that argument I remember was Empathy is the 2nd bard stat it must do something!!!!). Bards only had 1 shout at release and I suspect that this is still the case @ this patch level.

No MoC nor SoS. IP is a yes, AM was golden back in the day. You're going to want purge and after that it's about play style; I remember MCL and RP being useful but if people are much more coordinated then you might want AoM.

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Postby inergy » Jan 27, 2017 07:39

Bards had two at the start, but only one here

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