Feedback on this lvl 50 Build for PVP AND PVE

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Postby Kinjo695 » Jan 18, 2018 07:24

Currently working on getting an Ani to 50 as mostly Arb but came up with this on the builder and it seems to make sense.

42 Arb (second best AOE bomber)
33 Creep (second best AOE armour debuff + lower cost shrooms for 50 shroom spam) (also 3rd best AOE root)
7 Verd ( for situational utility of spamming small AOE PBT)

Seems like this build would work well for both PVE and PVP what are your thoughts?

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Postby Lazyghost » Jan 18, 2018 19:25

could be onto a winner

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Postby Gliwile » Apr 24, 2018 20:38

I only do RvR so i can only talk for RvR and its a bad spec.

33 Creep is ussless for RvR. You never spam shroom's in fight, you put like 2-3 tangler max. You dont have to use AoE root cause your tangler root for you and your drood too.

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Postby trademark » Apr 24, 2018 23:08

You don't need high Creep to spam shrooms; the shroom differential with MCL2 with higher Creep is about 2 shrooms. Good if you plan to mostly do that, but not worth the trade off if you want to RvR effectively in non-Keep situations. My Animist farmed Sheeroe regularly with 49 Arb without issue (spamming FnF shrooms). And given that you're beholden to the MCL timer when farming anyway, it's actually not even that beneficial to be able to place the extra 2 shrooms -- at a certain point you stop Shrooming up because your shrooms are going to expire and you have to start pulling.

And while I do not love the DD Bomber in RvR due to how delayed the damage is, it is a nice tool to have in your toolshed for some nice damage, and the highest Tangler is pretty fantastic. The AoE root is cool for its cast speed, but without going deep into Creep the effective duration on it is quite minimal (after factoring in resists and Determination). There wind up being few situations you want to use the AoE root where the extra few seconds 33 Creep (vs. ~20 Creep) matter.

I'd say your spec is great if you want to just farm or put up stacks and stacks of shrooms in lord rooms, but stick to a higher Arb build if you want to both open-field RvR and farm.

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