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Postby Superbitsandbob » Jan 21, 2017 17:12

Anyone got a good solo PvE spec for the Animist? Looking around the internet seems to show no firm choice on specs for solo PvE. Maybe they are all just good in their own way. :)

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Postby nilart » Jan 23, 2017 13:14

I was going to create another thread with a kind of similar topic so might as well stick here...

I'm under the same question. I'm planning to play mostly solo and so far (level 11) it seems like Creep is the best way to go.

Since I mostly use low level fnf turrents I though about trying a secondary path and went with Verd but, without buffs and 3rd party heals, it seems to go slower. Tank pet doesn't hold it very well without heals and doesn't kill fast enough.

Creep on the other side is a bit more chaotic, you need plenty of space to kite and some mobs seem to just be forbidden, but it works pretty well so far. Kills anything up to red quite fast and for the price of a full power bar it gives plenty of exp.

Now I'm not sure if it's worth it to go full creep or get a 2nd path for added utility :)

PS: This is my noob experience so far :P

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Postby Superbitsandbob » Jan 23, 2017 16:13

Great thanks keep me updated. I've started going into Verdant so will also update.

Verdant seems easier to play I think looking at the other 2 spec lines spells. I cast the tank shroom and either heal it or not as needed. I can stick him in a group of 3 blues and use the briar PBAOE line to nuke them down. Seems to work ok but only low level so far.

It's looks as though Arb and Creep plays quite differently.

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Postby Evinac » Jan 23, 2017 19:00

Pretty much no animist experience here and would love more input as well since i'll be mostly soloing on my ani alt.

Some thoughts nonetheless: Solo tasking to 20 is prolly best with arb imo - very little stationary time to utilize the shrooms effectively and arb bombers hit like trucks - 4 shotting yellows at 14 is nice (for mobs neutral or weak to body).

And i know shrooming up a camp is wonderful and fulfulling, but how can u do that solo w/o going below the 50% mana threshold after lvl 20+?

I've only tried this a couple of times after running out of tasks, but it seems that sticking with arb till 40 should allow u to solo oj's pretty effectively all the way thru - just let ur controlled shroom get initial aggro and bomb away from 1k range+. Should be able to do 3 yellows or 2 oj's b4 hitting 50% mana or pet dying - throw up a HoT, med a few mins and repeat.

That or go full creeping and grind zerg xp... :(
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Postby n3cron » Jul 20, 2017 22:58

hi folks,

I know this post may be older...

Best solo PVE Animist skill is Creeping path,
every point in Creep increase the fof Shrooms damage on baseline, also the Main PET of Creep is using a "Snare DD"

so you can start pulling Enemys and snare them while u run around youre fof shrooms, its very effectiv and can maximize the xp output. (on yellow mobs you can combine and just use the base DD(bomber) of creep path with the mainpet but its much slower then using fof).

I did atack a small Jpg "Tactic guide" for Creep animist its not chaotic its has to be more strategic, its not perfect but shows simply how to use the animist.

I am sorry for any miss spellings or any, it should be understandable
Creeper Tactics.jpg

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Postby mikkyo » Aug 05, 2017 23:09

hmmm what was the ani nerf and is the ani still a pretty good solo farmclass for money?

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Postby trademark » Aug 07, 2017 19:05

I have a ~33 ani (creeping to 20, Verd to 33), and here are my thoughts:

Verdant is trash. Don't go verdant. The to-hit formula seems to take into account the pet level and doesn't receive the group leader bonus, so while I can lifetap a fair percentage of the time on a low purple, the AoE nuke from the pet will get resisted almost 100%. So you're stuck farming, at best, yellows, and your group usefulness is next to nothing.

Creeping is great if you have the power. You can setup a shroom farm to do some good damage. Unfortunately, starting out, you rarely have the power to effectively utilize your FnF shrooms, and it's prone to overpulling. If you can find a good spot, you're in good shape. That said, Animist groups with a bunch of FnF shrooms are pretty cool, especially if you have pullers. I've found that those groups are few and far between as you get higher in levels, however. Rarely do I see Animists used for anything beyond AOE nukers in Enchanter Pet Pull groups.

Having not played Arboreal I cannot speak to it directly at lower levels, but after level 40 it's the only group spec, as you'll be wanted as an additional AOE nuker in pet pull groups. That said, you won't be able to contribute as much to Ani zergs, as that's more in the realm of Creeping, so keep that in mind if that is important to you. Lastly, Creeping might become more viable at this point as you have greater access to RA's (MCL, mostly) and you can play more with the level of FnF shroom you're dropping. So the post-40 game is a tossup between Creeping and Arb, although if you're Creeping you'll never get into a Fins group, as best I can tell.

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