Annimist starting points.

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Postby joxrox » Jan 10, 2017 10:18

Hello all,

I want please know the Differenz between this 2 thoices:

1: Celt
15dex = 75 dex
10 int = 70 int

2: Tree
15 int = 85 int
10 dex = 65 dex

How much faster can i cast with 10 more dex?
How many shrooms can i cast more with 15 int more?

1: higher dex (faster to cast shrooms faster oom longer Time to pull) lower int ( 1-2 shrooms less )

2: more int ( more shrooms) lower dex ( slower to cast shrooms longer duration to oom less time to Pull ( need more time to cast shrooms )).

I only want to use my Annimist for PvE.
Cast more shrooms is real nice but to cast faster shrooms also ;-)
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Postby Bloodlance » Jan 10, 2017 19:55

If you PvE, go INT.
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Postby Feuille » Jan 10, 2017 20:00

Go dext. Less intel = less mana = less shroom... But faster regen

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Postby Tree » Jan 10, 2017 22:14

From a performance standpoint I would lean more to INT, because the castspeed increase will probably be way under the tenth of a second and depending on how the server handles it either nonexistent or not noticable. The extra Int however might very well be an extra shroom and an overall increase in regen and mana regain through MCL etc.

In RvR tbh Human might even have an edge, since enemies will not as likely realize you are an animist. However as with all character creation you should pick the character you want to live with. If you dont like Human or Sylvan characters dont play one.
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