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Postby smallgreenguy » Jan 10, 2017 03:41

Heya. I played an animist up to 45 or so way back on live SI, but I don't really remember how to spend starting stats or what spec to go. I wanted to play Celt over Sylvan. I'm guessing some combination of DEX/CON/INT? Any recommendations?

Also, for solo play, farming (to gear an NS), and keep defense - what spec would you recommend? On live I went creeping path because I enjoyed the snare turrent and the FNF damage turrents. But I don't know what is optimal. This is without a healer so I don't think Verdant is a wise choice for me.

Thank you!

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Postby Xantham » Jan 10, 2017 13:14

For a purely pve animist spec (not that you couldn't go to a BG just by being an animist; and pick up a few nice RSPs for your farmer toon) i'd go verdant. they have a tanky(er) pet, that taunts enemies, and you have a pet-based PBAE.

sylvan is probably better, stat wise. celt has 5 more dex, but sylvan has 10 more intel.

15 intel 10 dex or vice versa for the stat layout for your ani.

good luck!

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Postby Bloodlance » Jan 10, 2017 19:43

Remember that focus staffs r "hard" to get.

So the only real good idea for a build with only lvl4 focus staff at hand with 0 gold invest, means you wanna do Creep build. As you spam the lvl5 pet mostly. i use it @lvl 22 still.

- You can purchase a better staff from NPC vendors but it costs some gold.

- Verdant is semi ok solo and semi ok in groups. (pve)
- Creeper is a bit tricky, but doing Creep build means you can spammmmmmm those mushrooms (good PvE solo, just needs a good spot to drop all those mushies)
- Arboreal is PvP oriented and groups in Hib normally think you are Arbo when you join them.

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Postby smallgreenguy » Jan 11, 2017 04:39

Thanks for replies guys! I think I decided on creeping because it fits my playstyle more. I'll respec arb at 40 I think.

Is there a reason for using lvl 5 mushrooms only? When should you start casting higher level ones? Does creeping spec effect the damage / mana cost of the FNF shrooms?

I also wonder, if I respec arb at 40, will my PVE ability still be good enough to farm at 50?

Thanks for all the help!

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Postby Koleriker » Jan 11, 2017 10:40

You can cast more shrooms if you use the Level 5 ones. Usually you want to have as many shrooms as possible to make them (& the group) hit more often.

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Postby Vkejai » Jan 13, 2017 21:33

Just wondering if the creeping pet is working as intended ? It don't cast when getting hit . Don't think I seen that happen until here.

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