Animist Pros?

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Postby Amisch » Apr 24, 2016 18:03

Any Animist pros here? What used to be the Specc for leveling/farming and later on RvR? I am unsure weather Animist will be good on Uth 2

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Postby Juri » Apr 24, 2016 19:22

Animists will always be good. You won't have a PvE raid without one, they're just too good to ignore. In RvR though... I'm not sure if we'll see many.

RvR = usually arboreal. You get those nasty bomber DD that deal tons of damage (highest nominal damage of the game afaik) and FnF rooting turrets. Nice for kiting comps.

PvE = I am not sure, creeping should be the way to go but verdant has some nice features I wouldn't ignore (abs buffs, ablatives, bubble). Guess it depends on what you're going to farm...?

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