Warrior Starting Questions

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Postby n0w » Jun 20, 2016 13:28

1) Starting stats: If you put 15pts into strength, how would you spend the remaining 10 (con/dex/qui)?

2) Weapon for leveling: Are there any advantages of any weapontype until lvl 40?


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Postby pweet » Jun 20, 2016 13:39

15str 10quick
crush for low endu styles.

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Postby Retuuyo » Jun 20, 2016 15:37

I went 15 Str and 10 Dex as a Norse Shield Warrior. I prefer Swords until 20 so you can get a taunt style early where as Hammer's taunt style is at 15. Helps for low level Exp groups. Keep in mind that people will have different preferences and this is mine.

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Postby zitT » Dec 14, 2016 21:38

hey guys,

at relaunch i am going to play a troll warrior, but i am kinda clueless about the attributes, what you think is best?

ultimate goal is ofcourse playing RvR, but due to work n life i know there will be times where i can only play like 45-90 min, so soloing pve a little is an issue as well.

thx in advance

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