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Postby Fallen_Shepherd » Nov 15, 2017 17:55

Hey all,
Starting a Thane, has nothing to do with Ragnarok im sure. Anyways I haven't played for a really long time, but I do remember Dex being such an important stat for casting, blocking, parrying and hit %, please let me know if that is wrong.

So as a Norse has a base Dex of 50 which is really low, my stat allocation is as follows
+5 SRT
+5 CON
+10 DEX
+10 PIE

I think this is the best allocation, compared to say something like a Briton with a base of 60 everything. Honestly I just think DEX is super important, any opinions on this would be appreciated. Also sorry if this answer is super obvious, I am coming back after a long time.

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Postby Estat » Nov 16, 2017 19:43

for pve:
10 str
10 dex
10 pie

for rvr:
delete and roll a warrior
10 str
10 con
10 dex

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Postby Pendalith » Nov 17, 2017 09:57

The stats you have chosen are fine. Some go 15 dex 10 piety. I like how you spread them out some, shield spec is a great way to level. GL
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