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Postby aksta » May 16, 2018 12:16

Rendiviel wrote:
bm01 wrote:Some Stormcalling and Parry but 0 Quickness and 20% Cold? That can't be right.

Remember shield styles miss a lot, you need some Quickness, and even if you don't use a shield it increases your DPS which is more important than front load damage.

Cold is fairly important. Eldritch, Wizard, Theurgist and Reaver proc damage are Cold. Wizard and Theurgist's root and snare are also Cold. A resist you could consider getting lower if needed is Matter.

+11 Stormcalling makes your castable single target DD do about 10 more damage. It's nice to have, but it shouldn't be a priority.

Don't forget that +stormcalling will increase the effectiveness of the str/con buff.

have +11 storm items to swap for buffs u dont need any stormcalling regarding dd's


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