how to spec bomb?

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Postby Cohkka » Feb 15, 2017 17:00

41 supp and 35 dark?


full supp (49) for the last pbae and rest in summ or dark?

how would u specc your bomb and why? :P

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Postby Jalez » Feb 16, 2017 17:12

You have to have the Level 49 PBAoE, after that you go rest Dark

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Postby Numak3 » Feb 19, 2017 21:46

You should ask how to make a pbaoe grp work, pbaoe grps on Uthgard are awful.

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Postby Xenocide » Feb 21, 2017 17:15

that's not true at all, they're incredible

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Postby Lostoll » Feb 22, 2017 14:54

Numak3 wrote:You should ask how to make a pbaoe grp work, pbaoe grps on Uthgard are awful.

Depends to 90% on the Players... On my bombing way to 50 I had awfull groups that had no clue how pbae leveling works and also very good ones.

I went for 49 Supp for highest bomb - rest dark.

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Postby randomeclipse » Feb 26, 2017 09:50

Why don't the experts explain how a PBAoE group should function then?
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Postby jenskamen » Mar 31, 2017 15:51

Im in no way an expert, but my most successful group was:
1 pbt RM
3 supp SM
2 Shaman
2 Healer (1 pac at least)

Shamans pull from two sides and run into the SMs, 1 healer stuns as soon as they are at the group and SMs start bombing. the second healer has to heal for the damage that comes before the first aoe stun and on the resist mobs if there are any. after that both healers heal, if they have to. the rm bubbles around.

Needs a bit of coordination/timing with 2 shamans pulling and the stun and heals have to come fast as soon as the mobs arrive.
Healers can spam group heals (i know they are not efficient) because SMs will be oop faster than the healers.

SM and Healer mana should not drop below 30-50%, MCL is helpfull.
You often have groups where 1 SM pbaoes to 0% even when the other bombs are still at like 60%..

Same works with 4 SM and without the RM. 2 Shamans is debateble. If you want dex/quick, acu and str/con, you need them. If you can live without the str/con, 1 is ok.
The setup i posted is in my oppinion the savest and was very successful when i leveled in that group.

Problem is: Bombing groups suffer from half afk players.
If one healer is not paying attention, either heal or stun come to slow
If one of the bombs is not paying attention, the others have to spend more mana
If one of the shammys runs to late, the mobs arrive at different times and make the bombs spend to much mana
if the RM is half afk.... well he can be half afk i guess. Having autobubble and throwing a group bubble in here and there is fine

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Postby MaSQue » Apr 01, 2017 06:49

are bomb groups even a thing on classic?

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Postby jenskamen » Apr 01, 2017 13:44

ofc they are. and they are better than any melee group ive been in with my healer

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Postby Teklom » Apr 04, 2017 18:23

jenskamen wrote:Im in no way an expert, but my most successful group was:
1 pbt RM
3 supp SM
2 Shaman
2 Healer (1 pac at least)

PBAE bomb group is the best exp group midgard has to offer. The best pbae group i have been in so far has consisted of the following

1pbt rm
2 supp sm
2 healers (1 has to be mostly pac)
1 thane
1 warrior (i think this spot can be filled with just about anything but i feel 1 shield tank per sm really does help you make some insane pulls possible).

Thane was pulling using aoe hammers. between the thane shield and the rm pbt he was able to survive the huge pulls long enough for healers to start stunning and for the pbae mayhem to begin.Between the guards/pbt/sm pet this provided enough wiggle room for some of the most ridiculous pulls i have ever seen in game. IM talking 20+ mobs at a time oj/red

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Postby Ruckuz1983 » Jun 07, 2017 19:57

correct way is to have puller pull on speed and body pull malmo, without getting hit until he's pulled 6-9 mobs.

pbaoes then pbaoe mezz from dark line (3 -4 sm's casting this). This mez's the mobs ensures the healer is not interupted. once all the mobs have come in (they come in at different times) the strcon debuff/ae stun drop.

The fact that so many people just pull and ae stun is amazing stupid compared to how smooth this type of a bomb group is. 2-3 sm's pbaoe mez makes sure a resist doesn't matter. Reason to mez is to keep aggro off of the stunner which makes for a smoother pull. 3-4 sms in a bomb group or this isn't really that viable.
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