Solo 1-40 on SM

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Postby Glacier » Oct 05, 2020 19:40

What spec would you use? I can craft armor/staves/power pots to help.
I'm looking at 37 Dark/14 supp. Then using my L40 respec to adjust to my pbaoe spec at 50.

Any suggestions/ideas/sanity checks?


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Postby Rendiviel » Oct 06, 2020 14:05

I haven't leveled an SM on Uthgard 2 that wasn't a bomber, but I think it's easier to level summon spec. At least to 20. I am unsure of what leveling dark is like, but I am sure that it's viable if you are choosing the right mobs.

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Postby Ithiggi » Oct 11, 2020 18:16

I leveled my SM solo to 30ish as dark was easy with pom pot power pots little down time. Then former guild leader started to PL it. I started speccing sup and healing level 50 tanks with life transfer, at 40 respecced to sup went to 49 sup 22 dark.

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