Weapon Spec Early Levels

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Postby jfoldno7 » Apr 05, 2017 15:42

Looking at the weapon spec options I was debating going Axe from 1-20 before respecing to Hammer for 20-50. My thinking is that the first decent anytime style in the Hammer line does not come until level 15 (the taunt style). In comparison, the Axe line gets a decent anytime style at level 6 (the taunt style). Both seem to have similar parry reactive styles for level 4 and level 8 styles.

Is there anything I am missing here? I know Hammer is generally less endo intensive, so does that make it worth it no matter what while leveling up?

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Postby Ilerget » Apr 05, 2017 16:47

sword has the taunt style at level 6 too, seems that has better attack bonus
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Postby jfoldno7 » Apr 05, 2017 17:12

That is true, but I thought losing the parry chain at low levels would make the sword spec not worth it. Has that not been the case in other's experience?

Looking at the damage scale for the taunt styles on Sword, Axe and Hammer all are pretty equal:

Hammer: .575 (level 15 style)
Sword: .574 (level 6 style)
Axe: .572 (level 6 style)

But then Hammer and Axe get a 2 style chain for Parry inside the first 8 spec levels:
Hammer: .857 avg. (level 4 style + level 8 style)
Axe: .879 avg. (level 4 style + level 8 style)

By comparison, Swords only get a block style at level 4 (.865 dmg) that doesn't get its follow-up until spec level 39. I also figured I would be using 2H weapons for the most part, or should I plan to be using a 1H more while leveling up?

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