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Postby echarf91 » Jan 26, 2017 22:44

Just resumed doing my skald line quests. I am on the part where you need to kill the seer of dawning in Muspelheim while wearing the item I believe is called "Yggdra's Ice" from the previous quest. However, I think earlier on I may have accidentally deleted or dropped that item and now nothing happens when I kill the Seer. Is there a way I can reset it to the point of the previous quest or be able to get that item back in order to complete these quests?? Have made an appeal but with no answer after 4+ Hours was wondering if this may be seen first.

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Postby Zebul1n » Jan 31, 2017 20:09

got a friend who destroyed the pelt from the level 7 epic quest , was quite easy to fix him leveling a toon to 7 and trading the items.
in your case it's not so easy as you would have to level a character to 25-30 just to complete your quest.

Other than that try to /appeal in game but my friend never had a reply for this problem.
Maybe try posting in the support section of the forum.

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