What do you guys think ?

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Postby Zerberus » Jun 27, 2016 08:18

Hey guys,

i would like to know your opinion about my SPEC and maybe some of your improvement proposals:

its planned for 8v8

Str +10 -> more dmg
Dex +10 -> more parry
Char +10 -> more spell dmg

44 BS -> new instant dmg and best speed
39 Hammer -> Style after parry
29 Parry
rest - AXE / SWORD / Nothing

RAs -
1. Purge
2. First Aid 2
3. Ignore Pain

Thank you

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Postby LuriBehindTree » Jun 27, 2016 17:03

I'd go 10 quick instead of 10 dex. Or 15str/10 char.

If you are strictly going to 8v8 and not solo often, I'd lower the parry and up your weapon since parry is more useful when you are soloing. If you do not mind lower DD damage you could go 50 sword and 43 BS. I like 44 Hammer 46 BS 17 parry myself since I like the option to solo or grp and this leaves some decent points into parry.

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Postby play » Jun 29, 2016 15:07

If you aren't going to solo much you get much better use of celerity with a troll.

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Postby pweet » Jun 29, 2016 17:08

play wrote:...with a troll.

Wave wave.
Hello I'm a troll pls pick me.
im the skald hello.
/Troll face

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Postby morry1000 » Jun 29, 2016 20:05

Norse or Dwarf is fine (dwarf for beard / eyepatch!!) and serious reason: extra 5% body resist.

10 Strength
10 Quickness (or 10 Con)
10 Charisma

44 Hammer / 46 Battlesongs / 17 Parry is the spec.

You only list 3 RA's, but you do not mention long wind? you will want that too. Best 1 pt you can spend imho.
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Postby Zerberus » Jun 30, 2016 10:12

Thank you mates!

i ll go for 46BS 44Hammer 17 Parry ;)

what about the race ? Is there a real reason to say "no Troll" ?

I prefer troll or norseman ( i dont really like midget )

im afraid the dex/quick of a troll would be to low so i think i ll pick norseman

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Postby pweet » Jun 30, 2016 13:50

DPS wise troll is best, there is no too slow if you get str instead of qui. you would pick str over quickness any time :D

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Postby onizukasensei » May 05, 2017 10:17

For an 8v8 Skald i would suggest:
Go for Norseman with either 10 Str - 10 Qui - 10 Cha Or 15 Str - 10 Cha.
My reasoning behind Norseman would be:
a) Size matters
b) Good all around stats
c) As a Skald most of the times you won't benefit from Healer's Celerity due to extend and you'll mostly want to run with 1h / shield for faster rupts (remember that your No 1 job is to be a rupter and create havoc in the caster / healer backline, not a DPS Machine).

Also I would suggest to go for 50 BS and learn to twist songs for even better results on resists + that level 50 DD hurts a LOT!

So, as a spec i would suggest 50 BS, 39 Hammer, 18 Parry.

For RAs Purge is a must, other than that its either AP or IP (with their preceding requirements as well).

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Postby eckso » May 06, 2017 22:44

If you are going to mainly 8v8, 46 song 44 hammer 17 parry is a fine spec.

You really can't go a wrong spec. I'm 49 hammer, 44 songs myself because it works for me. I like the high weaponskill and DD damage. You should test it out yourself and see what you like. Midgard runs lots of dragon raids, so respec stones are always available.

As far as points, since you are Norse, you lack the super high strength stat of a Troll, so either 15 str and 10 charisma, or 10 str, 10 con, 10 char.

There is no real reason to put points in dex, as you will hit soft cap of 250 easily, and 10 pts in quickness makes no sense for a Realm with celerity. Skalds as a class get level boost to Char, con and str, so points are best spent there.

As for Realm abilities, it was mentioned before that Skalds are interrupt bots. You need to survive. So long wind 1 is a must, then purge, and start getting avoidance of magic and toughness. IP is good as well, but not until later when you have more rank. Empty Mind is a much better investment in my opinion than IP, as almost all Alb and Hib RvR groups are caster heavy.

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Postby darksousou_ » Jul 12, 2017 17:43


What do you think for Solo?

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Postby Pendalith » Aug 23, 2017 03:52

^ Should be ok but solo spec i would go axe and IP is a must + Potions.
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