Shaman Epic Mimir's hands: Can you equip Odin's Eye

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Postby Jeezbeth » Jul 29, 2017 16:48

Hello my seer friends,

I'm currently looking for more explanations about the Shaman epic lvl 40 quest: Mimir's protection, and more particulary to step8.
I am wondering if anyone else had trouble wearing the object Odin's Eye, which seems to be required to validate next steps.
I'm currently having this object in my inventory but I cannot equip on any slot of my characters like the quest suggest it.

Images of the item in my inventory:
Logs showing I cannot wear it:

Any feedback/help appreciated, did you guys managed to wear this item?
Thanks in advance for your help.
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Postby Jeezbeth » Jul 29, 2017 16:49

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Postby LayDown » Jul 30, 2017 17:52

i couldnt equip the odin's eye on my sham but i could perform all the epic quest steps by just havng it into my inventory.

Hope it will hlp you ;)

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