Best spec to xp with auto train ?

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Postby asyniur » Feb 22, 2017 23:06

Hey fellow SB players, i'm starting a norse critblabe and i'm now lvl 16 with auto leveling my stealth. So far i'm 16 sword 16 critical and the rest in envenom. My question is : would it be better to respec my critical line at lvl 20 for La ? And then at lvl 40 respec again ? Cause clearly critblabe is the only way i want to play atm

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Postby Wellzy » Feb 24, 2017 19:21

Crit line is a very good line, even if you don't have enough stealth to use Perforate.

But it doesn't get good till around 25 when you get Achilles heel and parts of the hammy chain. If I were Auto training stealth i would go High CS / weap and keep left axe about 60 - 70% of your lvl. The ravager - atrophy anytime chain is what you will use until you get more CS.

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Postby Murmz » Mar 07, 2017 14:12

Poison is great for lvling

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Postby morry1000 » Mar 14, 2017 18:12

I am actually lvling a little shadowblade atm myself, and thus far I have used 1H sword / small shield and envenom.

I did not have to spend any pts until lv8 and now at lv15 with pts only in envenom / sword I can easily solo yellows. It has actually surprised me a little as to quite how effective it has been.

Looking back I would have perhaps spent a few pts to pick up Frost Cut / Draw Out a little earlier, but other than that it defo works.

Uthgard is slightly unusual in that unspec'd shield seems to be quite an effective boost to your defense (more so than I remember it being) especially if you are using a high dex race for eg.

Means ultimately between that and Evade III when I hit lv10 my health regen downtime has not actually been that bad.

I xp on slash weak mobs if poss ofc :grin:

Merely my 2 cents :D

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Postby Wellzy » Mar 16, 2017 15:07

Yeah, the block works really well in this game even if you don't have a shield spec. If I am the only chain in the grp on my skald I load up a shield and taunt. I was really shocked how much I blocked against reds/purples.

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