Auto Train Stealth?

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Postby rawkfist » Jul 17, 2016 20:15

Back in the day auto training stealth got you a few more points in your temp. I'm assuming this will need to be done
here on Uth. 2.0 as well?

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Postby barto22 » Jul 17, 2016 21:08

Correct. If you search the forums for autotrain you will be able to find a plethora of information on it.

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Postby Hitori » Jul 17, 2016 23:11

12 stealth are 77 skill points u have with full AT (lv48).

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Postby Ashrack » May 17, 2017 23:57


Just a question, if I go up to lvl 50 WITHOUT autotrain Stealth, and do a respec, do will I have the bonus points?
Or do I have to really do 48 lvl with no point in stealth?

Thank you for your answers!

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Postby Rhaidyn » May 18, 2017 00:14

If you do not use auto train during leveling you lose the auto train points with no way to get them.

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Postby Joppen » Mar 11, 2018 00:11

is it bad to stop autotrain at 44? is the last 12 points making any differnce?
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Postby Numatic » Mar 11, 2018 20:42

Joppen wrote:is it bad to stop autotrain at 44? is the last 12 points making any differnce?
That's entirely up to you. And what spec you are doing. If it works out to that those 12 points won't change your spec then fine. But if it means you can't get 50 envenom or whatever, then that's kind of a bad idea.

Because SB gets less spec points, it's more important to squeeze out AT.

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