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Postby TreeHugginHibby » Jan 21, 2017 08:24

Wondering what a good leveling spec is?

I'm currently using 2 handed sword, I had a few hand me downs from some friends so I figured I'd go 2 handed sword until 20 and then swap to H2H, or if I end up liking 2 handed maybe sticking with it. I've seen a few posts about places to get claws, but Savages don't seem the best at farming so something more readily available may be a better option and I can swap to H2H at 40 instead when I have more $$$.

My Savage is only level 6 and is 5 Sword 3 Savagery. Should I stick to that path keeping weapon at level -1 and rest into Savagery, maybe dumping a few extra into Parry when I have the points? I was also thinking of going light into Savagery and doing weapon at level, just to help avoid as many misses as possible. If I kept weapon at level and respeced to H2H at 20 (assuming I have some weapons to use) I would have 20 H2H 12 Savagery 5 Parry.

Wondering what you guys use to level?

Thanks in advance!

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Postby Rynzer » Jan 21, 2017 16:41

For hybrid classes with a specialty spec, I generally keep the specialty at -1 current level and put the rest of my points into weapon spec. I would probably let weapon pass Savagery somewhere in the 20s since that's when you start fighting much higher level mobs (early levels a red/purp is only 2-4 levels above you whereas 25+ it can be 4-7+). For reference, my Warden had 8+0 weapon spec until very recently (level 25 or so) and I had almost no trouble hitting OJs/reds.

Edit: Obviously all up to personal preference, but these are by 2c.

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