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Postby Requin » Jan 18, 2017 13:25

Sword/Axe/Hammer are all 100% based on Strength Stat
Higher Weapon Skill is based on Strength Stat

H2H is based 50/50 on Strength/Dex
Higher Weapon Skill is based on Strength and Dex Stat
Higher Parry % is based on Dex Stat

Base parry rate = 5%
Parry spec + RR bonus + template bonus / 2 = % chance from skill
((dex X 2) - 100) / 40 = % chance to parry from dex

Base + Skill bonus + dex bonus = Total chance
50% CAP


(+11+4 =30 parry=+15% increased parry RR5) or (+11+9=35 parry = 17.5% increased parry RR10)
5%+15%+ ((65+10+45+75+70+46+18)x2)/40=16.45%increased parry for a total of:
5%+15%+16.45%=36.45% buffed parry
And if you choose to use Kelgor's bane you get +7% parry for one combat round getting close to the cap of 50% parry. To 45.95% at 10L0 or with the 4% hp buff (36 savagery) you get +21% parry, so hitting the cap while buffed.
5%+15%+((65+5+45+75+18)X2/40=20%+10.4%=30.4% In that case you get 37.4% parry with Kelgors Bane or if instead you use the 4% hp cost parry buff you get to 58.4% parry capping it (50%).

To get the DPS buff (4% health cost for 21% dps increase) and the slash resist second highest buff at +21 for 5% health. It is important because slash is the only damage type you are vulnerable to (for melee) It should be used against armsman, paladin, hero, champion, before they slam you and switch to their 2-handers or use the 3% cost against other enemies.
At 41 you would get the 15%health to 60% endu regen but the 10%health for 40% endu is way better. (only 5seconds CD) so you can also do 20% and then 40% to get to 60% regen in 2 instances.
This is why I would raise savagery only to 39 or 40 (depends on slash resist buff) and not 49.

Highest weapon skill, more chances of hitting x3/x4 with capped quickness of viking at 250 qui (50+15+28+75=165unbuffed/noRealmPassives)
With second highest dex/qui buff (58+ bonus up to +77 qui, up to +93 qui for highest buff) so buffed it would be from [165+58;165+77;165+93]=[223;242;258] since most likely a shaman in the group will only have the second highest qui buff and will not be capped on buff power, they might buff you around +70 to +77 66% of the time so your qui buffed should mainly be between 235 and 242.
Dex+Qui damage, and Thrust weapon Type. Used to cap parry chance and for positional stuns. Also used to cap swing speed for more chances of hitting 3x/4x

Haste buff is at 32% for 4% health, at 48 savagery you get 39% haste for 5% health, looks like a drawback but with both weapon at 3.8 speed and qui at 240 with 32% celerity you hit at 1.6sec, while with 39%celerity you hit past the cap of 1.5 sec (1.44sec) and its not worth to lose 1% health more for only 0.1sec increase in speed.
With only haste of 32, with qui at 240 on average buffed, and no celerity, no RA, no proc, with weapons H2H both at 3.8 speed, you will hit at 1.65 speed (hasted), while you will hit at 2.04 speed unbuffed, thats a gain of 0.41 sec per attack (2x/3x/4x) which is huge. I highly suggest to take some RA in quickness to get higher unbuffed speed if you plan on dueling or PvE or solo RvR.
If you decided to go 2-hander with all the other stuff holding true, instead with a weapon of 5.3 base speed you will hit at 2.85 unbuffed and 2.31 buffed In this case I suggest to go 49/44 so that you get the 39% haste and the 25%dps buff, you would hit at 2.07 buffed.


Other possibilites for template:
44H2H or Weapon(2-hander) 49Savagery 4Parry
Why I think the 2-hander build is not the best for savage:
Thrust damage is available to Savage and only in H2H. The only classes which are resistant to thrust damage are Paladin, Armsman, Friar and Infiltrator, and obviously these should not be your targets in RvR:
Armsman and Paladin have block and the savage is not considered a dual wielder so does not get higher chances to pass block test. Infiltrator are not usually in 8vs8 groups and neither are friar. So thrust in Midgard is the best weapon damage type for RvR you are either fighting against neutral or vulnerable opponents.

Race Choice A: Valkyn
Str: 55 Con: 45 Dex:65 Qui:75
Starting Stat:
+10 Str To be on equal grounds with Viking for damage
+15 Con To counter the very low con of Valkyn

Why Quickness closer to 75?
Unbuffed you have 75+23+75=173 quickness
Buffed you have 75+5+23+75+70(to77to93)=245 to 250 to quickness with the second highest buff of shaman, with the highest buff (pink) you would be over the cap by 16 stat points making the best starting qui to be 75-16=59 quickness. But since finding a shaman with 47 in buffing is rare at least 66% of the time your quickness will be between 245 and 250 with a valkyn, the cap is at 250. If you do find a shaman with the highest buffs you will cry and wish you had made a viking, dwarf or troll.

Race Choice B: Viking
Str: 70 Con: 70 Dex: 50 Qui: 50
Starting Stat:
+15 Qui (need to reach cap)
+10 Str (Ability to switch from H2H to 2-Hand)

Why no DEX and no CON?
As we can see in the build above, with 75 starting DEX you can get capped for parry, when you use your buff, I prefer to have higher qui for Weapon speed and evade, and then after evade check, there is parry check, its just not worth it to put more DEX since savage gets +45DEX at lvl 50 and will get +15 strength.
If you want to get your weapon damage (strength+dex)/2 higher you will have to invest more in strength.
You do not have enough stat point to invest in Con, anyway 70 Con is above valkyn and kobold, who you are competing against for H2H, its only 10 less than dwarf, and its the same as troll.

Race choice C: Dwarf
Str: 60 Con:80 Dex: 50 Qui : 50
+10 Con
+10 Str
+10 Qui
If you have chosen to play Dwarf it is obviously for the Higher con, and to get another race to 90 con is impossible (midgard) so you have to invest at least 10 points in it.

Race choice D: Kobold
Str: 50 Con: 50 Dex: 70 Qui: 70
+15 Strength
+10 Con
This is the inverse of Valkyn, if you choose Kobold over Valkyn you tradeoff 5qui for 5dex, as seen before higher dex means higher parry, little higher weapon skill and little higher evade possibly.

Race choice E: Troll
Str: 100 Con: 70 Dex: 35 Qui: 35

Troll has the highest strength and since hammer/sword/axe damage is 100% strength based you will need a high strength.
versus valkyn H2H: (55+10+15+65+23)/2=168/2=84
versus kobold H2H: (50+15+15+70+23)/2=173/2=86.5
versus viking H2H: (70+10+15+50+23)/2=168/2=84
versus dward H2H: (60+10+15+50+23)/2=158/2=79
versus troll H2H: (100+1+15+35+23)/2=174/2=87

So without spending any point in strength you will outdamage anyone with a 2 hander or a h2h. The problem is that damage is not DPS and if you want to outdps the other savage you will have to increase your quickness to get it as high as possible. Which is why I suggest 2 specs for troll:

Stat spec 1: Max 1-time DMG
+15 strength
+10 Quickness

Stat spec 2: Max DPS
+1 strength
+18 quickness

What I did choose and why:
I chose to go with Viking with level 1-20 or 1-40 in 2-hander (hammer) switching to H2H later at least at lvl 40. I hesitated:
- Valkyn: because of the higher resist than any other race and since I could start using H2H at level 5, and I do not need CON while leveling in groups. Overall I think Valkyn is the best leveling race for savage.
- Troll: Best DPS lategame, with H2H or 2-Hander, but the savage vulnerability is to be targeted by spells and by shield wearers, and we all know that Trolls are the target of choice of both slammers and casters.
- Dwarf: I was interested to go with a savage with a nice con since savage does not grow con at all. Dwarf is the most balanced savage with at lvl 50: 85/90/95/83 stats. I think Dwarf would be the best race for savage dueling unbuffed.
-Kobold: first I don’t like to be so small and blue, I don’t think dexterity is better than strength for savage at the cost of lower conc. Overall its similar to Valkyn but with a worse lore, if you want to look like a spriggarn roll kobold savage.
- Why Viking: to be able to switch from 2-hand to H2H without much variability in the build. To have one of the three race with higher con for RvR, and to not be overly targeted by casters and slammers. To not be over the quic cap (57qui) if buffed (pink), well i did put 65 qui total, but it is still less than kobold or valkyn. Also I made a female Viking ;) so I can get a lot of freebuffs and gold, and I can join groups more easily!~~

The whole guide is considered without CELERITY (AUGMENT HEALER GROUP BUFF)
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Postby Jalez » Jan 19, 2017 18:28

Nice write-up thank you. I made my Kobold savage and am happy with the choice, I am use to playing small characters in DAoC so was easy choice for me.

I have had no issues with him so far, and he hits plenty hard and the high dex is great imo, he seems to evade more than I thought he would and the damage will be adequate for 8v8 with potential to drop caster in 2 seconds.

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