Spe RC useless?

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Postby Ashrack » Apr 30, 2017 16:29

Hi here!

I'm lost! I read many things about the spe RC and I really don't know what to think.
The general idea is that bolts don't damaged a target when in mele combat and can be bloked: is it really true? 100%?

I'm an old player from GOA, at this time it was possible to one shot a mage with a bolt. That's not possible anymore?

Can someone give me usefull answers please?

Thank you. :grin:

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Postby morry1000 » Apr 30, 2017 19:05

Got a 23 runie parked in Thid, full RC spec. The bolts on Uthgard are a tad unreliable as far as accuracy is concerned.

However when they hit they can do heavy damage (especially on casters in Thid :D ) And yes 1 shots are possible with a big enuff crit (depends on the target / situation)

Most would tell you not to spec it, as I believe the preferred spec has 47/26 Dark/Sup for various reasons like the damage add and nearsight.

The bolts can be blocked etc as you mentioned - overall I quite like bolt casters, but if I was to continue lvling the toon I would respec at lv40 to a more conventional spec for grping.

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Postby Simimi » May 06, 2017 01:58

Bolts are usefull when a NS caster or a healer begin to flee, out of reach of melee or reg spell.

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