50 Darkness Gets a Bad Rap

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Postby EvilAragorn » Mar 17, 2017 16:19

I don't understand why 50 Dark is getting such a bad rap? Great AE for pet clearing, zergs, keep defense etc, great personal debuff, overall damage, and the red damage add is killer. Yes the NS is essentially mute, but properly used a group should take down targets extremely fast with a well played 50 dark.

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Postby Rendiviel » Mar 17, 2017 16:32

You give up bladeturn doing that, and even 10 second bladeturn is more useful than an extra 8-10 damage. 47/26 is the best spec imo

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Postby EvilAragorn » Mar 17, 2017 16:39

Totally get that, but blue NS is resisted like crazy, and the extra damage compared to 10sec bt can almost cancel each other out imo of course.

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Postby Miiyomo » Mar 17, 2017 17:29

Do you cast BT in inc ? :roll:
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Postby bm01 » Mar 17, 2017 18:45

PBT + Better NS > Slightly better damage
Doesn't the AoE have a 20s recast? If so it won't do much by itself, 140 base damage is pretty low for an AoE.
Basically you want a Fire Wizard, but even Fire Wizards aren't popular in groups.

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Postby Kaziera » Mar 18, 2017 22:12

No only the gtaoe has a recast timer.

With 50 dark you gain 2 dps on your dmg add and a aoe you almost never can use. You lose 10s pbt for that which Is really really important for avoiding enemys slams.

The resist on the Blue nearsight are not so bad when you consider, that also a resist interrupts

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Postby BobSauceJuicy » Jul 20, 2018 15:40

Not worth it. You need like 1 debuff dd + 3 spec nuke to outdps just regular spec nuke spamming and thats on a 50 dark runie.. On a 47/26 with the lvl 39 debuff dd .. Thats even worse.

But seriously drop it with the blue pbt. It's useless in rvr lol. The only reason you go 26 supp is for the nearsight. BLue pbt is only useful in pve.

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Postby warlogy » Jul 27, 2018 11:52

I always thought the best spec was 47 dark 25 supp 8 rc. My reasoning being that I'd never use the pbt because having the run speed chant on for kiting is essential to playing effectively. Casting the dd/debuff instead of just the dd isn't worth it. There are many chances to fire off the baseline rc bolt and any extra dmg will be helpful.

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