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Postby Miiyomo » Feb 02, 2017 16:42


What kind of UI you use? I always played with the basic one. I'd be happy to try something new or some new setting.
Wondering about this might be helpful for more people.

Now your turn ! Post your UI and give us the top 3 advantages that it bring to you.

Thanks in advance for your help !
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Postby Simimi » Feb 03, 2017 05:15

Yes, thats a problem for runemasters, the basic UI is just a mess.
All thoses windows, buttons everywere on the screen that we dont use.
Never heard of a specific UI, so if some programer could make one it would be so nice.
Not that much work, just discar everything, we just need 2 buttons on the screen : bubble and stick.

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Postby bysan » Feb 17, 2017 04:35

pretty helpful with buffs on the bar to see when bubble expires in pve ^^

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