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Postby TreeHugginHibby » Jan 18, 2017 23:48

Hey guys, so I've made an RM to play when my friends aren't online. I was thinking a full caster may be fun. We recently re-rolled from Hib where I played a chanter to 30 so I really didn't want a pet again.

I was wondering what spec is the best for farming gold or items?

I'm currently doing the RC to 20 and then either full Supp or Dark, and I can't decide. I realize snare DD is amazing, but with less damage I more blow a lot more power to kill something that Dark could do before it even gets to them, and I'll also prob get more lowbie groups as Dark since you don't get the PBT till 26 min for Supp.

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Postby Guru » Jan 19, 2017 00:14

I would go supp from 20-50, no doubt. Groups want pbt and I'd probably max supp till 44 (red pbt) and put rest in dark, leaving you specced 44supp / 31 dark at 50. For endgame pve-raiding, I would prefer the supp-spec aswell.

It can be argued that Darkness is a better spec than Suppression for end-game rvr-stuff. That would be 47dark / 26 suppression. I would personally argue that if you enjoy rvr'ing more, then dark-spec is also much more fun, because your nukes will melt your opponents.

As for solo-farming, I'd say that Darkness is the stronger option due to stronger nukes. But I wouldn't really call RM a good solo-farmer. They work well for raiding and in smaller dia-farming groups due to pbt. And they can work well for duo-farming whatever with a shaman because they provide speed and can aoe nuke dot-pulled mobs.

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Postby TreeHugginHibby » Jan 19, 2017 00:52

Yeah I didn't expect them to be amazing farmers, obviously that would be BD or SM, but after 30 levels of a chanter on Hib I just really don't want to be a pet class.

I was thinking that Supp may be a decent solo farmer because of AoE snare DD... just pull small groups and kite them kind of like how Shamans/Ments (hibs) farm, but the lack of PoT would make it pretty slow I'd imagine.

Then again I imagine Darkness would eat solo mobs quickly so you could just speed through one at a time, still the lack of PoT makes it slower.

Thanks for the information!!

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Postby Miiyomo » Jan 19, 2017 16:37

Considering the exp phase, RM add damage will be very much appreciated and welcome in any EXP grup ( stack with skald song )

Sup is too mana burning for the damage it does and red pbt active will burn so much mana that u won't be able to cast twice, furthermore the groups won't lack heals monsters will be sharded by tanks or the group is "slow"

RC good if you combo with a friend RM dark

Overall consider that nukes are very much resisted by higher level mobs. Therefore my advice is to pump the tanks with dark spec add dmg and a very good nuke( when not resisted )

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Postby Severian » May 09, 2017 19:49

Or you could play a full cave Shammy, and clear rooms of yellows in a matter of minutes. :roll:
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Postby Simimi » May 12, 2017 04:20

For farming you nedd a nuke, bolts miss a lot, snare nuke are not mana efficient, so dark is the way to go.

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Postby Ilerget » May 12, 2017 08:41

Simimi wrote:For farming you nedd a nuke, bolts miss a lot, snare nuke are not mana efficient, so dark is the way to go.

I tested dark and supp spec in beta and needed to sit for power more often with dark spec
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Postby Ruckuz1983 » May 22, 2017 08:26

RC is the best spec, 4 bolts = a kill normally vs dark which is 5-6 or supp which is 5-6 casts.
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