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Postby Latrommisumac » Sep 05, 2018 09:58

The more I look at the beast crafting line, the more I want to respec out of it. Here's my reasoning and I would appreciate any feedback.

The self AF buff is near worthless and has been confirmed by many people (gives me 9AF at lvl 47 with 32 in BC)

The dex/qui buff can easily be replaced by ring of the butcher.

Afaik, the lvl 1 pet is still 80% of current level as opposed to 82% and doesn't affect hit chance but will affect hit dmg? This would obviously be the biggest loss here, but is 32 pts into bc really worth it for a slightly better wolf? I'm not sure what skills the wolf will get (snare?) with pts into it.

Self speed is nice but 10 min cd and I don't use it that often.

I'm not that experienced as a hunter which is why I'm posting this, but would a 0 pts into BC hunter be that bad?

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Postby morry1000 » Sep 05, 2018 19:34

Hunters are not that great at this patch level, only Evade II & slash weak armour along with Beastcraft being pretty damned worthless (as you have alluded to in your post).

You kill people with spear / sword / bow....who do you kill with beastcraft? :grin:

Personally, if you have any leftover pts then perhaps place them there, otherwise I would go 50 spear or sword, high bow and stealth for the rest.

GL with your hunter.

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Postby Ithiggi » Jun 20, 2019 04:47

I did this, but, big but the lvl 7 hunter's pet has a maximum lvl of 13. This patch lvl pet is pretty much useless. Having 13 BC I was able to get 50 bow 44 spear 35 stealth. Really hunter is gymp at this patch but fun. The ring of butcher and a MP cloak with spec AF charge is far better than the BC buffs. If you want a pet for rupts or kiting this spec is not for you.

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