Can't descide on spec

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Postby hammil » Feb 25, 2017 21:35

Hi experts,

Having a hard time deciding between 2 spec and thought I would turn to the forum for some help.
I want to play a pac healer and have boiled down my choices to 2 specs.

1. 38p 33m 19a
2. 36p 40m

I'm currently lvl 39 so it's time to decide which one to go for, and I'm leaning towards nbr 1.

I probably won't be running a set guild group, but rather loose put together guild groups and pugs, also want to be able to run small groups.

Is the difference between 33m and 40m large? blue spreadheal vs yellow?
I guess I won't be using the 38 insta stun that much since I don't wanna give the whole enemy group stun immunity for 1 minute...

Any thoughts are appreciated.

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Postby Minaor » Feb 28, 2017 11:16

After some tests I love the 33 (mend) 19 (aug) 38 (pac) spec.

19 aug is really important especialy when you don't play in a team with 3 healers.
Gives you a decent str/con buff, gives you better base buff (single dex almost cap with +11 in temp) and you got the 1st celerity.

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Postby Mythrandia » Mar 18, 2017 23:47

I went with the first one. 38p 33m 19a

I find that this is the best overall spec. You get your insta aoe mez, insta aoe stun which is what you need for rvr. And you still get green cele which is not a bad tradeoff with 19aug since its 24% haste vs 31% for yellow.

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Postby bakunin » Apr 07, 2017 10:36

i have that exact spec, 38p 33m 19a

at rr4 with 19+14 i miss 10 dex point and i ask the aug for buffs... i hate this thing but with ranks you close the gap and also we can take mastery of the arcane1/2 (depending on rank, assuming +11aug from items) and be able to buff (you can buff in combat after a rez if the other healer is busy or dead)

an aug is a bit preferable over a second pac for resist and yellow haste/cele

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