Leveling spec between 20-40? (yes.. another thread)

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Postby Haukr » Feb 12, 2018 10:35


What lvling spec do you reccomend between 20-40? I tend to do alot of soloing since I seldom know when i have time to play and for how long, so its usully 1-2h here and there (house, wife & kid situation).

I have had some mixed answers when asking around and some say go full supp, others say go 18 supp rest BA.

And if I choose the path of 18supp rest BA, should i respec to 18 supp directly at lvl 20 or should i build up for it in any other way?


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Postby krasatos » Feb 15, 2018 18:06

I am looking into the exact same thing.
I want to level a bd as semiafk as possible and get him to 50 to be a constant farm bot.
Semiafk while farming too :)

I have talked to a dozen ppl online, and i think the way ill go is BA 1-20 then get 18 sup, then start raising BA again.
But ofcourse, i am open to suggestions.

What i wanted to add to your questions is: What is the best race for a farm bd?
Troll for high hp and encumb? at the loss of staff dmg and cast speed?
Kobbie for higher staff dmg and cast speed?
or Valk for a middle solution?
( dont really care about the looks at all )

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