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Postby Boron » Jan 31, 2017 12:24


I am playing a Darkness BD (Level 24) atm and i dont know if the caster (DD) pets are working as intended.

a) "Teleporting"
After a single cast they "teleport" towards the enemy. --> After few casts they are in melee range and start to attack with their staff. That really makes no sense for caster pets. Bug or working as intended?

b) "Damage variance"
Even versus a grey mob they dont do consistent damage. Sometimes they do cap damage, sometimes halv damage, sometimes even less.
If i fight a yellow enemy they can hit for 3 damage although they can hit for over 50 damage while i am hitting consistent for 120-140 damage. All in all they do around 20-40 damage in a whole fight while i am doing around 500 or more. So it doesnt matter if i play with this pets or not because i barely need less nukes to save mana. (I could wait some time until they did some damage but then i have to heal the commander/recast the pets. But this tactic needs more mana because of the unspecced heals... :lol: )

It feels as if the pets are using an unspecced Nuke. Was this the state on live or is it a bug?

c) "Aggro management"
The caster pets start to nuke immediately after i click the attack button. ---> They hit before the commanders can attack or taunt. So after few seconds the enemy starts to attack the caster pet and they start to use their staff.
Working as intended or bug?

I mean they are pretty useless in group because they cant hit (didnt see it until level 24) enemys higher than red con to me(high purple for the pets).

Does this work as intenended? Was is the state on live? Or is this a bug?

Atm i am a supp RM without bubble, nearsight, aoe damage, confusion, speed buff and later on dmg add :gaga:

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Postby Fiordiluna » Feb 03, 2017 02:29

A) that may be a bug.

B) Remember that your casters are green to you, so from their point of view they are casting on their red/purple mobs, which for you are yellow/orange con.
But what you said about that grey mob, then they probably have issues. As far as i remember, not so many people used dark spec anyway, not until later in the patches (see point c).

c) That was what called for a revision of the class, which mythic later addressed by adding special commanders for each skilltree. In that later version, dark spec had a casting commander. And it was real efficient in rvr too.

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