Pet damage variance/styles being used test on level 5 doll

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Postby Numair » Jun 23, 2016 04:21

Did a bit of testing on the level 5 doll outside Jordheim:

I am only testing frontal damage, so if side/back positional styles are implemented I will leave those to others. Did about 1 minute with each weapon type, did not count attacks in between styles used, but they weren't happening at a fixed rate just random.

Commander level 21, 19+4 BA, no buffs at all (don't think any other variables influence his attacks)

1H Axe - 98 (seemingly no variance, unless style used then 100 damage)
1h Sword - 105 (seemingly no variance, UNLESS he uses style then 107) style is Uppercut I believe
1h Hammer - 105 (no variance unless style used then it is 107) unsure of style used
2h Axe - 122 (no variance unless style used then 125) unsure of style used
2h Hammer - 122 (no variance, no frontal style used) noticed a style being used while farming, movement speed reduction "The Lilispawn begins moving more slowly"
2h Sword - 122 (no variance, 125 damage when frontal style used) unsure of style used

styles exist
don't use 1h axe
tank = 1h sword+shield, if BD is doing tanking then use 2h whichever weapon type mobs are weak to 2h axe/sword if neutral

Lemme know what you guys think, I got tired of asking people and getting different answers.

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Postby Tellus_F » Jan 16, 2017 14:54

whats the command for gettting our pet commander to do this?

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Postby Numak3 » Feb 06, 2017 13:56

Tellus_F wrote:whats the command for gettting our pet commander to do this?

There's no command, the commander will sometimes use styles, according to his lvl (i think) and his equipped weaponry.

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